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Camp Savio
Mid 1960's

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This note is to inform those who attended Camp Savio in the 1960s and 1970s that Br. Frank Tilton, who ran the waterfront, archery and riflery, pillow fights, game nights, and was the "general assistant" for many years, went to his eternal reward on May 2, 2009 at the age of 82. In the past 18 months, he had suffered from neuropathy and other ailments which had considerably slowed him down physically but not inwardly.
Br. Frank continued working in Salesian camps, at the waterfront or pool, right up until 2006 in Tampa, FL. During the school years, he had been assigned to Don Bosco Tech, Paterson NJ (1962-1980), Don Bosco Tech, Boston MA (1980-1998) and Don Bosco Prep, Ramsey NJ (1998-2009).
May God give him eternal rest!
Br. Frank was the last of the "big name" Salesians - Br. Mike Frazette, Fr. Paul Aronica, Br. George Sheehan, Br. Frank - to still be alive and serving as a Salesian in the eastern United States.

The pictures below without borders (except for the one at the left), show how the camp looks today. The "Camp Savio" sign on the postcard at left is now the busy intersection of Cahill Cross Rd and Ridge Rd in West Milford NJ. It's a shame that some of the things that gave us so much joy as children are no longer available for our children.


Where the chapel used to be.

An open field now, this is where three of the cabins used to be.


The boating lake is still there, you just can't find it unless you know where to look.

Where the pavilion and the other two cabins used to be.

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