Crumb Rubber Does Not Affect Air/Water Quality

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health, the rubber crumb material that is used in the synthetic turf does not harm the environment or the air or water in the surrounding areas. 

 The study looked at the crumb rubber in the turn which is a common fill material. It will help give the turf some cushioning and will help keep the synthetic turf looking good. The study found that this rubber:

– Does not pose a threat to the environment or the groundwater supply. While some chemicals will be released over time it does not have an impact on the water.

– The chemicals are well below the federal standards for the soil and will not harm the soil.

– The crumb rubber will not release harmful chemicals into the air.

– The turf can withstand higher temperatures and will not have an impact on the release of chemicals into the air or the ground. 

Scientists that performed the study conducted these tests in labs. They were looking for leaching, acid rain, and acid digestion. They used air and water samples for their test and measured them once the synthetic tur was used. The groundwater continues to be studied but there have been no significant threats found.

 The rubber crumb testing is looking for the release of chemicals and so far no significant threat or even a concern has been found. These testes are conducted with several agencies to test the water, remediation, and the potential threat that the rubber crumb has on the wildlife.

 The full results can be found on the DEC’s page called Waste Tire. It is located near the bottom of the page. A person can also see the results from the rubber crumb tests and the fills for synthetic turf on the fact sheet found on this site.

Contact your local Turf Company for more details.