Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Artificial Grass

Everything we do either increases the carbon in the air and soil or helps to decrease it, and the carbon causes harm to the earth through global warming and pollution. Our carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas we produce by the things we do, and there are some easy ways to reduce it.

One thing that we do that creates a large carbon footprint is lawn maintenance. The equipment used to maintain the landscape, like gas-powered lawnmowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers emit carbon fumes from burned fossil fuel that enters the air.

Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance after installation and can easily be maintained without burning fossil fuel and our friends at AGL can ship you out artificial grass for Free.

Reduce Pollution

By reducing the amount of natural lawn we have the use of gas-powered lawn maintenance equipment will be reduced also. Less burned gas fumes will be going into the air and that means less pollution and cleaner air for everyone to breathe.

The exhaust heat from gas-powered equipment also enters the air and warms it which contributes to global warming and all the damage it’s causing to our environment.

Noise pollution is another issue created by gas-powered lawn equipment. Your neighborhood will be a much quieter location if you (and homeowners around you) install artificial grass in the yard.

No Water or Chemicals

Artificial grass never needs watering and never needs chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer applied to it. Reduced water usage also reduces your carbon footprint and helps to conserve the natural resource for future generations.

Using artificial grass also helps keep our water sources cleaner by keeping lawn chemicals out of the soil. Any type of chemicals applied to natural grass leaches into the soil and will be carried into the nearest water source through rainwater.

The water with trace amounts of lawn chemicals will make its way into streams, rivers, lakes and eventually back into our home through tap water.