Why replace my regular grass with artificial grass

With the new craze of artificial grass being installed all over the nation it can be hard to not be tempted to do it yourself. But why would you want to do that if you already have a nice yard that is made of real grass? Why replace something you know and love with something that is fake and needs to be installed?

You have nice green grass that is gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing, soft, and safe for kids and pets.

But if you think about it, artificial grass can offer you a lot of those things too and save you a lot of time and energy. How is this possible? Well, it’s pretty simple actually.

Artificial grass is green and aesthetically pleasing so it looks completely natural in your yard. It literally looks so natural that no one will question if it’s fake grass or if it’s just really maintained real grass. AGR Turf (Artificial Grass Recyclers) can help you save thousands of dollars by purchasing their recycled turf pulled out from multiple sports fields through out the United States.

And when pets and kids run around on it, they can’t kick up dirt. It’s impossible because there is no dirt involved. They can’t get dirty and they won’t slip and fall because artificial grass has a natural flat surface since it was originally made for sports.

It can also save you the time and energy of mowing and trimming down your yard. With natural grass you have to go out there almost every week to trim it back down to acceptable height. If you miss a week your yard is completely out of control. But with artificial grass, it doesn’t grow. You won’t have to go out there to water it, mow it, or trim it down. What’s a better perk than getting to say goodbye to stray grass blades after you mow?

And if you are still hesitant because of the stories that say it’s not safe for animals or kids, don’t worry about those. Artificial turf has been proven to be completely safe for people and pets so your family can play outside all day and not have to worry about getting sick.